Precious Planet Penguin Pendant


Precious Planet Penguin Pendant

Two large penguins stand on a shell ground, with a border of deep sapphire resembling water cascading down the sides of the pendant.

18k White and Yellow Gold, Diamond, Sapphire, and Shell

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Product Description

This meticulously designed pendant comprises two large penguins on a shell ground. The deep sapphire border resembles water softly cascading down the sides, forming perfectly-shaped drops at the bottom. The penguins are detailed with gold beaks and feet, and pink sapphire eyes.

Cute and playful.

  • Diamond 2.13 ct
  • Sapphire 4.61 ct
  • Shell 33.94 ct
  • 18k White and Yellow Gold 28.06 gm
  • Length 72 mm
  • Width 43 mm

*All measurements and weights are approximate and may vary.


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