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    Bauble-luscious Earrings

    Gold & White natural South Sea Pearls.



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    Palace Pearl Earrings

  • image_00002Quick View Sold Out

    Felicity Flora Earrings

  • Pearl TasselsQuick View

    Minare Tassel Earrings

    Pink Sapphire & Pearl tassel earrings

  • img_0746Quick View Sold Out

    Flora Plethora Bridal Earrings

    Canary and White Diamond Earrings

  • Ruby Tear DropQuick View Sold Out

    Burma Ruby Pop Drops

    Classic Ruby drops with Diamond accents.


  • Blue Sapphire Tear DropQuick View

    Blue Sapphire Pop Drops

    Blue Sapphires & Diamond drop earrings

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    Golden Fish Sapphire Pearl Earrings

    Elegance Gold Fish encrusted with shaded pink sapphires dangle from brilliant diamond loops.

  • flowerearringsQuick View

    Golden Flower Diamond Earrings

    A lustrous Diamond Flower Earring. Elegance and mesmerizing. A conversational piece.

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    Brush Stroke Calligraphy Yellow Sapphire Earrings

    Brush Stroke Calligraphy Earring. Shaded Yellow Sapphire and Diamond set in 18k gold.

    18k Yellow Gold, Yellow Sapphire, and Diamond

    Super Saver Price

    $6,000.00 $3,000.00
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    Topaz Sky Earrings

    Beautiful blue topaz gems accented with diamond, dangling from an elegant white gold chain.

    18k White Gold, Diamond, and Blue Topaz

    Super Saver Price

    $6,440.00 $3,000.00
  • Sale! er-1Quick View Sold Out

    Pearl Earrings

    Elegant pair of earrings featuring encrusted rubies at the top, with grey pearls dangling by a pink gold chain.

    18k Pink Gold, Diamond, Ruby, and Pearl.

    Super Saver Price

    $6,400.00 $3,000.00
  • moonQuick View

    Cresent and Star Cosmic Earrings

    Cresent and Star Cosmic Earrings

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    Paisley Pearl Earrings

    Lush golden pearls surrounded by a swirling floral border of diamond-encrusted pink gold.

    18k Pink Gold, Diamond, and Pearl.

    Super Saver Price

    $5,410.00 $3,500.00
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    Brush Stroke Calligraphy Ruby Earrings

    Shaded Ruby and Diamond set in 18k gold.

    18k White Gold, Pink Sapphire, and Diamond

    Super Saver Price

    $6,000.00 $3,500.00
  • IMG_0332Quick View

    Epsy Wipsy Spider Earrings

    Price on application

  • Sale! IMG_0255Quick View

    Swan Lake Pearl Earrings

    Beautiful swans encrusted with shaded pink sapphires dangle from brilliant diamond loops.

    18k Rose Gold, Diamond, Pink Sapphire, and South Sea Pearl.

    Special Price

    $6,500.00 $4,900.00
  • Sale! img_9835Quick View

    Aurora Rose Earrings

    Round rose opal gems accentuated with diamonds dangle from a diamond-encrusted pink gold chain.

    18k Pink Gold, Diamond, and Rose Opal.

    Special Price

    $6,900.00 $5,200.00
  • Sale! img_9837Quick View

    Chalcedony Princess Earrings

    Round chalcedony gems accentuated with diamonds dangle from a diamond-encrusted white gold chain.

    18k White Gold, Diamond, and Chalcedony.

    Special Price

    $6,900.00 $5,200.00
  • T04B01P0006Quick View

    Zaphir Pearl Tops Orange & Black

    These earrings are made of Baroque Pearls from the South Sea, set with black diamonds and intense orange sapphires. Italian craftsmanship.

    18k White Gold, Orange Sapphire, Diamond, and Pearl

  • Sale! image_0819Quick View

    Shades of Midnight Sapphire Earrings

    This pair features deep blue sapphires and white diamonds with a wavy border to give the illusion of a water body.

    18k Pink Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire.

    Special Price


    $7,820.00 $5,900.00
  • Sale! T04B01P0024Quick View

    Imperial Amethyst Earrings

    A pink amethyst jewel with a diamond-encrusted pink gold border dangles from an elegant chain to finish a majestic, feminine look.

    18k Pink Gold, Pink Diamond, and Pink Amethyst.

    Special Price


    $8,000.00 $6,000.00
  • Sale! IMG_7489Quick View

    Frog Prince Earrings

    A quirky and fun pair of earrings featuring smiling gold frogs with tsavorite-encrusted heads clutching a large white pearl.

    18k Yellow Gold, Diamond, Tsavorite, and Pearl.

    Special Price


    $7,300.00 $6,000.00
  • Sale! image_8629Quick View

    Night Owl Earrings

    This pair of earrings comprises owls perched within a hoop featuring a half-moon and star.

    18k Yellow Gold, Diamond, Moon Stone, and Yellow Sapphire.

    Special Price

    $8,038.00 $6,100.00
  • image_0257Quick View

    Black Swan Pearl Earrings

    Beautiful swans encrusted with white diamonds dangle from brilliant diamond loops.

    18k Rose Gold, Diamond, and Pearl

  • T04B01P0023Quick View Sold Out

    Zeba Ruby Pearl Earrings

    Playful! The Chantik series is bespoke and unique, as the gold work must be fashioned around the moodiness of the pearl.

    18k Rose Gold, Diamond, Ruby, and Pearl

    Special Price


  • Sale! image_0835Quick View

    Paspali Pearl Earrings

    South Sea Pearl & Diamond Ear Pendants

    $10,350.00 $7,800.00
  • Sale! T04B01P0001Quick View

    Minaret Shahlimar Earrings

    South Sea Pearl & Ruby Earring in Royal Mughal tradition.


    Special Price

    $12,100.00 $9,100.00
  • Sale! img_3221Quick View

    Emerald Ambrose Earrings

    Green to white emerald Tassel Earring

    $12,100.00 $9,100.00
  • T04B01P0011Quick View Sold Out

    Maple Earrings

    Maple leaf with South Sea Baroque Pearl Earring


  • DPP_0014Quick View

    Diamond Orb Earrings

    Dazzling diamond-encrusted orbs dangle from white gold hoops.

  • img_6791Quick View

    Jia Jia Panda Earrings

    Panda Bear Earrings with Pearl & Diamond

  • Sale! image_0515Quick View

    Diamond Loop Earrings

    Diamond-encrusted white gold hoop earrings with a touch of nature.

    18k White Gold and Diamond.

    Special Price


    $16,330.00 $12,300.00
  • Sale! T04B01P0015Quick View

    Gold Coin Gypsy Earrings

    Hoop Earrings with a twist. Diamond and gold coins dance along its halo.

    18k Yellow Gold and Diamonds

    Special Price

    $16,700.00 $12,600.00
  • Sale! img_0261Quick View

    Acorn Leaf Earrings

    Multi Gems & Diamond Earring

    $17,480.00 $13,200.00
  • Sale! img_0741Quick View

    Diamond Coin Gypsy Earrings

    Hoop earrings with a twist. Diamond and white gold coins dance along its halo.

    18k White Gold and Diamond.

    Special Price

    $19,000.00 $14,300.00
  • id580Quick View

    Emerald Pearina Earrings

    Baroque South Sea Pearls & Emerald Earrings

  • T01B02P0002Quick View

    Avenue 8 Pearl Earrings

    A diamond-crusted yellow gold figure eight, with three suspended white pearls.

    18k Yellow Gold, Diamond, and Pearl.

  • T04B01P0021Quick View Sold Out

    Pho Pho Ruby Diamond Earrings

    These two-piece earrings are built to form a front and back piece that complete the waterfall effect.

    18k Rose Gold, Ruby, and Diamond.

    Currently out of stock

    For enquiry or order please contact our store

  • Sale! img_9391Quick View

    Fortuna Pearl Earrings

    Lustrous golden South Sea pearls surrounded by diamond oval rings dangle from diamond-encrusted white gold teardrops.

    18k White Gold, Diamond, and Pearl

    Special Price

    $28,980.00 $21,800.00
  • Sale! 8101Quick View

    Esmé Emerald Earrings

    Deep green emeralds complemented by a modern intricate design of white gold and diamond.

    18k White Gold, Diamond, and Emerald.

    Special Price

    $31,750.00 $23,900.00
  • Sale! img32Quick View

    Emerald Infinity Earrings

    Diamond-encrusted double loops, with emeralds embedded at the top and dangling from the bottom.

    18k White Gold, Emerald, and Diamond

    Special Price

    $46,000.00 $34,500.00

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