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  • teamplate-Pendant_0003_4Quick View Sold Out

    Pouting Puffer Fish Pendant

    Puffer Fish diamonds and multi-shade pink sapphire in 18K pink gold Pendant.



  • img_8408Quick View Sold Out

    Honeybee Pendant

    An intricately designed gold honeybee perched on a large white Baroque pearl.


  • img_0325Quick View Sold Out

    Phoenix Heavenly Pendant

    18k White, Yellow and Pink Gold, Diamond, Obsidian, and  Mix Colour Gemstones

  • 5293Quick View

    Octopie Pearl Pendant

    Octopus pendant, 18K yellow gold, with diamond accents and blue sapphire eyes.

  • DPP_0057Quick View

    Discus Pendant

    Oversized Diamond Disc Pendant.

    Special Price

  • IMG_0231dragon pendantQuick View

    Dragon Pendant

    A Majestic Dragon pendant set in 18 K yellow gold, with diamond, pearl and green garnet eyes.

  • treeQuick View

    Prosperity Tree Pendant

    Prosperity Tree pendant set in 18 K yellow gold, with black & white diamond.

  • phoenixpendantQuick View Sold Out

    Golden Phoenix Pendant

    Phoenix pendant set in 18 K yellow gold, with the green garnet for eyes & white diamond and pink sapphire.

  • doublehappinesspendantQuick View

    Double Happiness Diamond Pendant

    An exquisite Chinese character diamond pendant of the highest quality is at the helm of this artistic 3D piece of jewellery.

  • fudogsQuick View

    Fu Dog Diamond Pendant

    An exquisite Chinese prosperous Fu Dog diamond pendant of the best quality comes with an 18k white gold chain necklace.

  • Sale! img_1174-2Quick View

    Peso Panda Pendant

    This darling panda pendant will calm and comfort you whilst giving you a bold yet playful look.

    $8,200.00 $6,200.00
  • panda 2Quick View

    Jia Panda Bamboo Pendant / Brooch

    An intricately designed black and white diamond panda bear brooch / pendant


  • IMG_8436Quick View

    Percy Pig Pendant

  • 0973Quick View

    Cloverete Diamond Pendant

    A clover floral pendant, set with brown diamonds shaded to white.

  • Sale! teamplate-Pendant_0010_11Quick View

    Precious Planet Penguin Pendant

    Two large penguins stand on a shell ground, with a border of deep sapphire resembling water cascading down the sides of the pendant.

    18k White and Yellow Gold, Diamond, Sapphire, and Shell

    Special Price

    $16,350.00 $12,300.00
  • img_0296Quick View Sold Out

    Lion King Pendant

    Made with diamond-encrusted gold, tiger’s eye gemstone and two beautiful sea green emeralds, this lion pendant will bring out the boldness in you.

    18k Yellow Gold, Diamond, Emerald, and Tiger’s Eye

    Special Price.

  • IMG_8414Quick View

    Tahiti Pearl Ribbon Pendant / Brooch

    Pin Brooch/Pendant, with ribbon design.

  • teamplate-Pendant_0008_9Quick View Sold Out

    Heritage Art Deco Pendant

    The Heritage Emerald & Diamond Art Deco Pendant takes inspiration from French period jewellery.

    18k White Gold, Diamond, and Emerald

    Currently out of stock

    For enquiry or order please contact our store


Showing all 18 results