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  • teamplate-Pendant_0031_33Quick View Sold Out

    Trellis Double Ring

    Flexible long ring

  • IMG_8352Quick View Sold Out

    Angel Wing Ring

    The Angel Wing Ring

  • teamplate-Pendant_0010_111Quick View

    Longevity O Ruby Ring

    Chinese character of longevity ring

  • IMG_0599Quick View

    Penelope Pearl Ring

    South Sea Pearl Diamond Ring


  • IMG_8348Quick View Sold Out

    Angel Wing Ruby Ring

    Angel Wing motif ring.

  • IMG_8162Quick View

    Hippo Ring

    A Ruby & Diamond-encrusted hippo head ring

  • img_8253Quick View Sold Out

    Citrine Limoncello Ring

    A large shining citrine garnet ring.

  • img_8195Quick View Sold Out

    Black Pearl Orb Ring

    Large Tahiti Pearl ring

  • _6665Quick View Sold Out

    Celestial Rose Ring

    Multi concentric diamond circles and semi circles culminate in the form of an English rose.

  • img_0388Quick View

    Ceramic Peony Ring

    A white ceramic ring with diamond motif

  • Sale! dpp_0073Quick View

    Pia Butterfly Ring

    A Diamond Butterfly ring.

    $5,000.00 $3,000.00
  • RI-4Quick View

    Pink Sapphire Bar Ring

    Two finger shaded sapphire to diamond ring in pink gold.

  • RI-1Quick View

    Blue Sapphire Bar Ring

  • teamplate-Pendant_0004_5Quick View

    Adam’s Snake Ring

    Wrap-around two-finger ring.

  • Sale! teamplate-Pendant_0025_27Quick View

    Belina Butterfly Ring (Ruby)

    The Belina Butterfly Ring, set in 18k Rose Gold, Ruby, Diamond

    Super Saver Price

    $5,100.00 $3,500.00
  • Sale! IMG_8139Quick View

    Artemis Butterfly Ring

    An exquisite Diamond & Tsavorite butterfly changeable ring/pendant

    $6,900.00 $3,500.00
  • Sale! img_8156Quick View

    Pink Gardenia Ring

    Pink Gardenia Ring. 18k White Gold, Diamond, and Pink Sapphire

    Super Saver Price

    $6,000.00 $3,500.00
  • teamplate-Pendant_0024_26Quick View Sold Out

    Cat’s Claw Ring

    Claw Nail Ring

  • Sale! _6661Quick View

    Celestial Blue Rose Ring

    Diamond and Sapphire Rose Ring

    $7,000.00 $4,900.00
  • Sale! img_8317Quick View

    Rose Sunrise Ring

    A classic rose gold ring embedded with opulent diamonds. Soft wavy gold lines on the sides add a surprise twist.

    18k Rose Gold and Diamond.

    Special Price

    $6,600.00 $5,000.00
  • Sale! teamplate-Pendant_0013_14Quick View

    White Wabbit Ring

    Fine craftmanship of 18K white gold and diamond create this proportionately perfect piece of whimsy.

    18k White Gold & Diamond

    Special Price

    $6,900.00 $5,200.00
  • Sale! dp_0111Quick View

    Gardenia Ring

    This ring features a lattice of black and white diamonds curving around the white gold band.

    18k White Gold, Diamond, and Black Diamond.

    Special Price

    $8,570.00 $6,500.00
  • img_8108Quick View

    Orchid Flower Ring

    Delicate diamond petals unfurl from a diamond-encrusted centre. The flower is bordered with white gold.

    18k White Gold and Diamond.


  • img_8130Quick View Sold Out

    Diamond Whirl Ring

    Sparkling white diamonds are arranged in concentric circles, bringing the focus to the centre of the ring, where a large white diamond is embedded.

    18k White Gold and Diamond


  • img_0505Quick View

    Daybreak Ring

    Oval Ring

  • teamplate-Pendant_0018_20Quick View

    Highness Crown Ring

    Crown Ring

  • Sale! IMG_8281Quick View

    Longevity O Tsavorite Ring

    Longevity Oriental Ring

    $11,700.00 $8,800.00
  • IMG_TULIPQuick View

    Tulip Wrap Ring

    Dazzling wrap Tulip ring.

  • Sale! teamplate-Pendant_0003_4Quick View

    Longevity O Ring

    Longevity Oriental Ring

    $11,800.00 $8,900.00
  • img_0469Quick View

    Bunny Trio Ring

    Diamond-encrusted rabbits on a gold band

  • Sale! img_8257Quick View

    Imperial Crown Ring

    $12,880.00 $9,700.00
  • Sale! IMG_0906Quick View

    The Frog Pad Ring

    Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire.

    $13,000.00 $9,750.00
  • teamplate-Pendant_0028_30Quick View

    Ram Head Ring

    Ram’s Head Ring

  • Sale! teamplate-Pendant_0023_25Quick View Sold Out

    Majesty Crown Ring

    Blue Topaz Crown Ring

    $13,570.00 $10,200.00
  • img_8431Quick View

    Twin Bloom Ring

    This floral ring have two flowers.

  • img_8140Quick View

    Diamond Sunrise Ring

    Concave rectangle pink gold ring

  • Sale! img_8244Quick View

    Infinity Swirl Flexi Ruby Ring

    A master creation of Italian craftsmanship


    $15,550.00 $11,700.00
  • Sale! img_8197Quick View

    Twilight Shadow Ring

    A black and white Diamond masterpiece.

    $17,550.00 $13,200.00
  • IMG_0653Quick View Sold Out

    Signature Bow Ring

    Sara’s signature bow ring.



  • Sale! teamplate-Pendant_0015_16Quick View

    Eve’s Serpent Ring

    Grass Serpent Two Finger Ring

    $17,550.00 $13,500.00
  • Sale! teamplate-Pendant_0012_13Quick View

    Infinity Swirl Flexi Ring

    Ultimately flexible ring, a master creation of Italian craftsmanship

    $20,250.00 $15,200.00
  • img_8238Quick View

    Infinity Swirl Flexi Sapphire Ring

    Ultimately flexible ring, a master creation of Italian craftsmanship

  • Sale! IMG_8372butterflyQuick View

    Chromatic Butterfly Ring

    Four Colour Butterfly Ring

    $21,100.00 $15,900.00
  • Sale! 6232Quick View

    Wave Crest Pearl Ring

    Cresting Wave Ring Ruby & Diamond


    $23,150.00 $17,400.00
  • Sale! image_8388Quick View

    Midnight Ring

    Sleek Black & White Diamond Ring

    $27,890.00 $21,000.00
  • Sale! 1409Quick View

    Night & Day Ring

    Lustrous South Sea Pearl Ring

    $29,500.00 $22,200.00
  • IMG_8193Quick View

    Yin Yang Pearl Ring

    Yin Yang Baroque Pearl Ring

  • 7607Quick View

    Pearl Petal Ring

    Large Pearl Petal Ring

  • pinkclawsQuick View

    Diva Pearl Ring

    South Sea Pearl Ruby Ring


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