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    Cat’s Claw Ring

    Claw Nail Ring

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    Imperial Amethyst Earrings

    A pink amethyst jewel with a diamond-encrusted pink gold border dangles from an elegant chain to finish a majestic, feminine look.

    18k Pink Gold, Pink Diamond, and Pink Amethyst.

    Special Price


    $8,000.00 $6,000.00
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    Longevity O Tsavorite Ring

    Longevity Oriental Ring

    $11,700.00 $8,800.00
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    Longevity O Ring

    Longevity Oriental Ring

    $11,800.00 $8,900.00
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    Ram Head Ring

    Ram’s Head Ring

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    Pho Pho Ruby Diamond Earrings

    These two-piece earrings are built to form a front and back piece that complete the waterfall effect.

    18k Rose Gold, Ruby, and Diamond.

    Currently out of stock

    For enquiry or order please contact our store


Showing 7–12 of 12 results